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I recently had a client visit that prompted me to address a more concentrated topic of clutter. This is one that is important and probably not spoken of enough … Feng Shui for our electronics.

I began this particular consult feeling very light when I stepped into this home. This person was so proud that they had little clutter in their home, yet she still felt a sense of chaos in a few different areas of her life. We went through the home room by room, hallway by hallway, closet by closet. I was very impressed with her level of organization throughout the home. She had baskets of scarves coordinated by color, shoes were neatly placed according to their color of leather, color coordinated hangers, and her medicine cabinet was organized alphabetically. (Wow. That’s even better than my medicine drawer I admit). As our journey through her home continued, I was intuitively being called to guide her to DE-CLUTTER. It was an anxious feeling that there was “stuff” coming up for this person that simply needed to be cleared out, to make space for the new coming in.

After we finished walking through her home, we went to a side room … her office. This space was also very neatly organized; books by size, pens separated from pencils, and all of her supplies neatly organized. I asked her to turn on her computer, and as soon as she clicked over her mouse … there it was. A desktop with icons upon icons. An email outlook icon with a new notification number that was so large the full number didn’t fit on the screen. Documents everywhere, and just looking at the screen made me dizzy. I asked her how it made her feel to look at it, and she simply replied, “dizzy. I can’t stand looking at it which is why the emails aren’t deleted.” My response … “get to looking at it, so that it doesn’t make you feel dizzy any longer. THIS MATTERS.”

It all matters. Anything that is in our space matters. Even if we are unable to physically “see” it on a daily basis, does not mean it won’t affect our lives. It does and it will if you don’t take care of it. So take care of it. So how would one Feng Shui their laptop, computer, phone, or even iPad? Let’s take a look!

De-clutter. Of course this is one of the number rules. If you don’t need it, toss it. This includes documents on your laptop, emails, old contacts in your phone. If they are being used, and you know you won’t have a purpose for them, get rid of them. If there are emails you haven’t read, read them and move forward. If you have documents on your computer that you know you most likely will not need, yet you have to save them to be certain, create an archiving folder. The only things kept, should mirror what you actively use. Get rid of everything else.


Take a scroll down memory lane. With our phones acting as our cameras today, this area can be tricky. I would never suggest deleting precious memories, but you also don’t want to hang on to memories you may no longer need, or that are duplicated. Take a scroll through memory lane on your smart phone, de-duplicate your memories, and if you can’t make out what a picture is, get rid of it. Do this with the intention that there is NEW coming in.

Organize. After you have sent Johnny Jr.’s 2009’s reading book list to the recycle bin, next go through the kept documents, and organize them so they are clear and concise. Have separate folders on your desktop for the separate areas in your life; school, business, dance, and home items. If there are multiple users on the computer, most computer systems today have multiple log-in options or at the very least, each family member/user is able to have their own folder.

Keep it clean. Just as we like to keep our homes dust free, and clean, the same applies to your electronic devices. Care for them and give them just as much love as your physical space. This is a part of your energy space. Be sure to keep your electronics in good working order. If you have touch screen products, keep the screen clean and as free of fingerprints as you can. Cases and protectors should also be in well working order and stain free. Cracked iPhone case, or screen? REPALCE IT!

Music to your ears … or is it?? Most of us keep a significant amount of music on our electronics, whether it be on your phone, desktop, or laptop. Even a stack of CD’s applies! If there is music that you are keeping around that doesn’t make you feel uplifted, positive, and good about listening to it, ask yourself why you are hanging on to it. Make a choice to only keep musical tunes and sounds that make you feel good, and bring a higher vibration to your life.

Apply the bagua map to your desktop. Use the bagua map for your desktop or home screen. For example, if you lay the bagua map over your desktop, the far upper corner to the right is Relationships, Partnerships, and Marriage. Perhaps keep two icons in that area, to support the area of the second gua. The upper left corner is wealth and prosperity, a good place to keep the link to your business files or organized budget. Traditionally, most desktops place the recycle bin in this wealth and prosperity area. Not my first recommendation for where to keep garbage … especially if it is full!

C’mon baby light my fire! You can also use the 5 element cycle. Determine your 9 star ki astrology with a simple online calculator, and find out if you are Earth, Metal, Fire, Wood, or Water. You can then use this information to choose a desktop and / or screen saver that is supportive of your element. As an example, if you are earth, you might choose a screen saver of lovely crystal rocks!

There is so much you can do. Start here, experience the lightness it will bring, and share if you feel called to. I would love to hear what works for you. You should find that you feel lighter, brighter, and even a bit more productive after taking charge of your desktop. You should feel excited, inspired, and motivated at first sight of opening your laptop. If not, make a change, and watch the shift. Maybe start with a positive affirmation on your screen saver, to keep every day on a positive note. After all, we are what we see and think at first sight! Happy typing and texting. See you in the happy gap of cyber world!

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