HELP is here! Feng Shui your space to bring more travel and helpful people into your life!

The sixth area in the Bagua is representative of  helpful people and travel. The element of this sixth sector is metal. This can be shiny and sharp like an ax, or smooth and round like a beautiful bowl. If your 9 star ki astrological sign is 6 metal, you are most likely responsible, mature, and have much wisdom to share with the world. You set high standards for yourself and other people in your life, and are highly intuitive! If you are a 6 metal and don’t feel this fits the bill … meditate!  A word of advice for 6 metals; don’t worry about being right, it is wasted energy. Release control and wear a smile so people approach you!

(Do you want to find out if you are metal element? Use a 9 star ki calculator.  There are many online you can search for).

Now that you know what the metal element stands for in an individual, let’s look at where this 6th sector is represented in your home, office, or space. In BTB Feng Shui, the Bagua Map is used to determine this. If you were to stretch a “tic-tac-toe” grid over your space from the front door, the helpful people and travel area is the bottom right area of your space. If you want to bring in more friendships, networking opportunities, guidance, or travel, work on this sector of your home!

The following are some ideas of how to enhance this area in your space.

  • Whites, grays, copper, gold, and metallic colors are supportive in this area.
  • Actual metal elements such as silver bowls, copper vases, or shiny trophies would be great in this space.
  • Jewelry is also typically of the metal element. I like to place jewelry from the place I want to travel to, and set the intention I am going!
  • Metal wind chimes are a wonderful way to uplift the energy here.
  • If you keep a wealth vase, keep a silver one in this area.
  • Metal coins, or perhaps a collection of metal coins would be a good addition to this area. Again, if you want to travel to a specific place, say Mexico, place 6 silver or gold pesos.
  • If you have picture frames, keep them of metal coloring.
  • This is wonderful place to keep pictures of the helpful people in your life. Keep them current, unless of course you are displaying your helpful ancestors who are guiding you along!
  • Since this is the sixth gua, keep things in multiples of six.
  • If you are wanting to travel, place a world map or globe here.
  • Circles are the shape of the metal element and work excellent here. You can use circluar picture frames, glass vases, or even an art piece that is circular.
  • The direction of the metal element is west. Do something specific to the west area of this gua that is reflective of what you want to create with helpful people and travel in your life.
  • The season of the metal element is Autumn, so consider putting 6 beautiful, healthy, vibrant apples in a circular vase! This remedy would be especially good if your kitchen falls in this sector.’
  • This is also the communication gua of your space. Placing a phone, storing your computer, or even mailing supplies is a good way to keep communication energy flowing here.


Now that you have some ideas on how to enhance this area, it is also important to know what you should avoid. In the cycle of the 5 elements, water exhausts metal and fire melts metal. Given these relationships, avoid placing bright colors as well as dark water colors here. To better understand what this means and how to apply it, read about the 5 Element Theory here.

Of course when making any changes, make them with an intent. Set a vision in place of all the right people coming in to your life at the perfect timing to help you do whatever it is you wish, or perhaps you want to manifest your dream vacation! Whatever your wish, keep in mind EVERYTHING is possible and decide to flourish in your environment so it spreads from the inside of you and your home, out.

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