Full Moon Feng Shui: Surrender and pave the way for the new

With the full moon upon us (May 13th to 14th), I thought this would be a good time to share how we can bring in the power of the moon energy in our space.  Firstly, it is important to know the New Moon will be May 28th. (If interested, an explanation of Moon Cycle Feng Shui will be posted the day before).  The days between these two moons is known as the “waning” period.  Day by day, the nights become darker and darker, but just as life supports us, we know with each sunset will come a miraculous sunrise. Use this time to be in self-reflection, meditation, stillness, and prepare ourselves for what we want to begin manifesting on the new moon.  The full moon is the perfect time to release fears, anger, and let go of any resistance holding us back from a fresh start. Keep in mind, what we focus on, multiplies, so focus on love, gratitude, and compassion. Use this time to reflect and revise. The following are easy, simple steps you can do to bring the full moon energy to life in your space:

  • Give thanks for all that you have received and are blessed with. I like to work with the angels, and they communicate well through breath. Perhaps start you day by taking a peaceful meditative walk, in a continuous state of gratitude.
  • Sit in peace and create a list of all that you are ready to let go of. Think of what angers you and what fears are showing up for you.

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  • De-clutter your space holding the intention that you are energetically releasing everything you are ready to release, with all that you are de-cluttering from your personal space. Then while repeating an affirmation close to your heart (I say: “I now release all angers and fears that my ego support. I thrive in my higher self”), burn the list and give the ashes to the ground.
  • Consider a space cleansing of your home with sage, music, candles, and essential oils.
  • Refer to the bagua map, locate the area of your space you wish to work on, and do something special in that area. If you want to focus on setting new intention for career, clear the front door area, make sure the water element is present, and be certain what you see at first sight upon entering your space is supportive.

This is a great time to simply surrender.  Keep in mind that surrendering means letting go of any and all expectations. After all, the universe has something in mind for all of us FAR GREATER than we could ever imagine for ourselves, so don’t put a limit on it by “expecting” a certain outcome. Our job at the moment is just to be in peace and surrender to those possibilities.  The moment your mind takes you elsewhere, consider meditation or another way to go back to love and be still.  Leaving you with wishes of love and MOONlight!

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