Feng Shui with the Moon Cycles

Happy day before the New Moon; a perfect time to start thinking about what you want to manifest, and why not give Feng Shui a go?!  Feng Shui is not only a beautiful art form that can help our spaces look and feel fabulous, it can also help us to set extra powerful intention for authentic transformation. In my personal journey, Feng Shui has supported my health to a path of improvement, shifted my career, and helped me to completely transform and connect deeper spiritually. Although it is a very powerful tool, done without intention, you may not see such powerful shifts.  Intention is a very key element to Feng Shui.  As discussed back in September, we are what we think, so it is important to think very well!

Having said that, last month while I was in meditation Archangel Haniel gave me a message to include the moon cycles WITH my Feng Shui processes.  I then realized the miracle of marrying the power of Feng Shui with the moon cycles.  The strong force of the two combined provides us with a power tool kit, and I invite you to try it out with me this month.  Below is an outline beginning May 28th, and this can be used in the following months if you follow the moon phase:

NEW MOON (May 28th): The start of a lunar phase is a time to set intentions for a new beginning or a fresh start. Sit in a clear, de-cluttered space, light your favorite candle, and write out your manifesto list.  Say them out loud, and then place them on your altar. The new moon is the perfect time to clear and charge crystals as well.  Finally, this is also the day to write your abundance check, and place them in the back left area of your home or bedroom (your prosperity area of the bagua map).

CRESCENT MOON (May 30th-June 4th): Spend time each of these 6 days (it does not have to be a long time), journaling about your hopes and desires, keeping your intention(s) in mind. Reference the bagua map to determine the area of your space you want to work with, and do something special in that particular area, with your focus on your wishes. You might hang a painting you created, frame a picture that is supportive, use colors to draw in energy you wish to manifest, or perhaps just clean it up!

FIRST QUARTER MOON (June 5th): First, use this day to de-clutter, perhaps the area of the bagua map you are focusing on. Then write in your journal 3 things you can do to help yourself make balanced decisions, should challenges arise surrounding your hopes. Now you will be prepared if action is called for.

GIBBOUS MOON (June 6th-11th): This is a time to check in and prepare yourself to receive. Review your list and make any adjustments as needed.  Be sure that the entrance to your home (both the front door and pathway to the door) are free and clear of clutter.  Your front door should open all the way to allow all opportunity in, and remove clutter from the back door if applicable. You may even decide to place a black door mat or a clean water fountain near the entrance to draw more opportunity in with the water element. This is also a wonderful time to deepen and commit to your meditation practice.

FULL MOON (June 12th): The day of the full moon, put the intention out to the universe, acknowledge what you did receive, give gratitude for that, and then ceremoniously surrender. You can burn the list, pour water over it, bury it, or anything else that resonates with you.  Next, create a new list of fears, angers, and anything else you are ready to release.  Then carry on to burn this one, including an affirmation such as: “I now release all angers and fears that my ego support. I thrive in my higher self.”  Then give the ashes to the earth visualizing seeds being planted for new growth!  You may be motivated to de-clutter and organize the home more.

DISSEMINATING MOON (June 13th-19th): Revisit the intentions that did manifest.  On a piece of white paper, write a thank you note to your Angels, Ascended Masters, guides, or whoever you want to share it with and give gratitude to. Place that note in the helpful people area of your space, altar, or even room, acknowledging Divine Support.

LAST QUARTER MOON (June 20th): On this day, think over the past month and ask yourself, was there something I needed to let go of and release? What do I need to forgive?  Use this time to go through material things you are ready to “let go” of as well, and with the intention of letting go of it all, release this energy out of your life. You can go through a drawer, your closet, your fridge, or all of the above!

BALSAMIC MOON (June 21st-26th): The next new moon will be on the 27th of June.  72 hours prior, choose peace and stillness.  Be in a time of restfulness and surrender. Take care of yourself, perhaps do some chakra Feng Shui, Feng Shui your kitchen, but just surrender and be.

Using this powerful combination of Feng Shui with the Moon Cycles, will support a shift in your life for the betterment.  Each month brings something new, aside from just a new moon. Please feel welcome to ask questions and share your experiences. I send you lots of MOONlight and LOVE!


  1. says

    Thank you for listening to this guidance and sharing all the moon cycles for the next month. Just in glancing over it I smile with acknowledgement how my healing work corresponds to the calendar and how appropriate the timing for the reiki class I’m teaching is. Thanks angels, love that you are guiding my work.

  2. Vanessa says

    I keep referring back to this blog for guidance on this mOnths moon cycles. This post is Super easy to follow for A feng shui/moon cycle newbie like myself. Thank you! It has been very helpful & i have enjoyed my progress 🙂

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