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Feng Shui, Health, and the Good Luck Fortune Center

The fifth area in the Bagua map is one that everyone should pay attention to ... the good luck fortune center of health. This fifth sector gua is one of 3 that is of the earth element on the Bagua map. Earth can be sturdy and strong like a solid rock structure, beautiful and expressive like a pretty shining crystal, or soft and yet grounding as warm sand under your feet. If your 9 star ki … [Read more...]

Bring Harmony to Family and Boost Your Health with Feng Shui

The third gua in the Bagua is representative of health and family. The element of this third gua is wood. Before we dive into using wood in the health and family area of our spaces, let us take a look at the element of wood, what it means, and how it grounds us in our life. Wood is an interesting element for me. As I am earth element, it can be overcoming in my own life. I use to be turned … [Read more...]

Crown Chakra Feng Shui

As we look at the seventh chakra, the crown chakra, this will wrap up the Chakra Feng Shui series. The Sanskrit name for the seventh chakra is Sahasrara.  AS the bridge to our spiritual connection, it’s meaning is thousand, and is the “Lotus of the Thousand Petals.” This energy center is located at the top of our head, our crown, which is why it is the “crown” chakra. The color associated with the … [Read more...]

Transitional Feng Shui: Creating An Environment Of Comfort and Love

Transitional Feng Shui: Creating An Environment Of Comfort and LoveRecently, I had the pleasure of being a guest on the blog talk radio show of the beautiful Cindy Plume. If you listened in, you would remember us briefly discussing tips for creating a more balanced environment for people who may be ill and even for caregivers.  (If you did not get a chance to tune in to that show by the way, and … [Read more...]

Third Eye Chakra Feng Shui

Third Eye Chakra Feng ShuiThis week we dive into the feminine … the third eye chakra.  This sixth chakra is located at your brow center, and the Sanskrit name is Ajna meaning to command. The color of this energy center is indigo, and is focused on perception, visions, dreaming, insight, intuitive seeing, understanding, and clairvoyance/claircognizance.  If you are having a hard trusting your … [Read more...]

Throat Chakra Feng Shui

Throat Chakra Feng ShuiIt is time to turn up the volume, you hear?!  Let’s raise the vibration with Throat Chakra Feng Shui! The throat chakra is the 5th chakra, and is located at your neck, your throat. The Sanskrit name for the fifth chakra is Vissudha, and it’s meaning is Purity. The color of this energy center is blue, and is focused on self-expression, communication,  truth, purpose, sound, … [Read more...]

Heart Chakra Feng Shui

Heart Chakra Feng ShuiThe heart chakra … my favorite chakra of all located at our heart center.  It is a place for us to focus on unconditional love, healing, inner peace, trust, compassion, surrender, and connection. The heart chakra is our fourth chakra, and the Sanskrit name for this is Anahata. This color associated with this energy center is a beautiful emerald-green. In Feng Shui, we can … [Read more...]

Solar Plexus Feng Shui

Solar Plexus Feng ShuiWelcome to Solar Plexus Feng Shui week!  The solar plexus is our third chakra which is located in the abdomen, behind the stomach. The Sanskrit name for this is Manipura, and it’s meaning is city of jewels. This energy center is of the color yellow, and is focused on power and identity; confidence, will power, charm, leadership, being clear, survival, desire, personal … [Read more...]