Invoke your inner child, be youthful, and get creative with Feng Shui! Cure the Children and Creativity Sector of your space.

The seventh area in the Bagua is representative of  children and creativity. The element of this seventh sector is also metal, like the 6th sector. Think of the reflective surface that a big large still lake presents. The lake itself it water, but that shiny reflection is of the metal element. If your 9 star ki astrological sign is 7 metal, you are probably open to all with an optimistic mindset. … [Read more...]

HELP is here! Feng Shui your space to bring more travel and helpful people into your life!

The sixth area in the Bagua is representative of  helpful people and travel. The element of this sixth sector is metal. This can be shiny and sharp like an ax, or smooth and round like a beautiful bowl. If your 9 star ki astrological sign is 6 metal, you are most likely responsible, mature, and have much wisdom to share with the world. You set high standards for yourself and other people in your … [Read more...]

Feng Shui, Health, and the Good Luck Fortune Center

The fifth area in the Bagua map is one that everyone should pay attention to ... the good luck fortune center of health. This fifth sector gua is one of 3 that is of the earth element on the Bagua map. Earth can be sturdy and strong like a solid rock structure, beautiful and expressive like a pretty shining crystal, or soft and yet grounding as warm sand under your feet. If your 9 star ki … [Read more...]

Bring Prosperity and Wealth Into Your World with Feng Shui!

The fourth are in the Bagua is representative of prosperity, abundance, and WEALTH! The element of this fourth gua is wood. The third gua is also of the wood element, and you would have learned there how the wood element shows up in life. Wood can be sturdy and strong like an oak tree that never waivers in the wind, or a precious, delicate green house plant. If your 9 star ki astrological sign … [Read more...]

Using Feng Shui to Flourish in Relationships, Love, Marriage, and Partnerships

The second gua in the Bagua is representative of an area that I find most people want ... relationships. This is an area I hadn't mastered until late in my own life. Now that I have been able to find success myself, I can share what worked for me! The element of this second gua is earth. Before we dive into using earth in the relationship area of our spaces, let us take a look at the element of … [Read more...]

Using Feng Shui to Shift the Career Flow in Your Life

The first gua in the Bagua is representative of an area that many people have been asking me about lately … Career. My guess is if you are reading this, you may need some help with your career, and you are in the right place if so! The element of this first gua is water. Before we dive into using water in the career area of our spaces, let us take a look at the element of water, what it means, and … [Read more...]

iShui … Feng Shui for all things electronic

I recently had a client visit that prompted me to address a more concentrated topic of clutter. This is one that is important and probably not spoken of enough ... Feng Shui for our electronics. I began this particular consult feeling very light when I stepped into this home. This person was so proud that they had little clutter in their home, yet she still felt a sense of chaos in a few … [Read more...]

Feng Shui with the Moon Cycles

Happy day before the New Moon; a perfect time to start thinking about what you want to manifest, and why not give Feng Shui a go?!  Feng Shui is not only a beautiful art form that can help our spaces look and feel fabulous, it can also help us to set extra powerful intention for authentic transformation. In my personal journey, Feng Shui has supported my health to a path of improvement, shifted my … [Read more...]

Full Moon Feng Shui: Surrender and pave the way for the new

With the full moon upon us (May 13th to 14th), I thought this would be a good time to share how we can bring in the power of the moon energy in our space.  Firstly, it is important to know the New Moon will be May 28th. (If interested, an explanation of Moon Cycle Feng Shui will be posted the day before).  The days between these two moons is known as the "waning" period.  Day by day, the … [Read more...]

Transitional Feng Shui: Creating An Environment Of Comfort and Love

Recently, I had the pleasure of being a guest on the blog talk radio show of the beautiful Cindy Plume. If you listened in, you would remember us briefly discussing tips for creating a more balanced environment for people who may be ill and even for caregivers.  (If you did not get a chance to tune in to that show by the way, and still would like to listen, the archive can be found here.) This is … [Read more...]