My name is Gina Nicole, which translates to “well-born victory of the people,” and that is what I aim to be for you; a child of love that will guide you to your personal victories. I have a passion to help others live their best life now, and I thrive on the interpersonal connections of universal LOVE. Why? Let’s count the reasons; I was told I would never write, so I did. I was told I would never have kids, so I figured out a way around that. I was told I had to remove womanly organs. Um no, I chose to heal naturally. I was told I would never find love, so I did (and then when I did, I was “forewarned”)!

My point …I have been faced with many “you will nevers,” “you can nots,” and “you should nots.” For a while I listened to all of them, and I let those beliefs play out to be my story. Eventually I became so fed up with the limitations. I took a stance for me and decided I was going to stop shoulding on myself.  I created my village (I believe it takes a village), of teachers and healers of all walks of life. I not only came out on top, but exceeded my own visions and intentions. I have dedicated my life to help you do the same. I have a clear intention and understanding of the person that I will remain in my work. IN LIGHT and LOVE.

I am humbled to share with you the tools I used and continue to use to reach my personal victories. My goal is to be on your award winning team that guides you to your own victories. I am committed to working in a place of light, compassion, and gentleness. My intention is to remain uplifting and sincere, while I support you to create a mental and physical energy space that will allow you to forgive your past, love your present, and manifest the future beyond your wildest dreams!

As of March 2015, I have a new home on the web! Please visit me there at www.ginanicole.net.

*I love to learn, and will continue on the path of knowledge so that I can be the brightest light I can be for you. I was trained at the BTB School of Feng Shui, and also certified through the Feng Shui Interior Design program at the New York Institute of Art and Design. I am a licensed Certified Angel Card Reader ®, Tera Mai Reiki Practitioner™, and a Certified Intuitive Counselor ™ from Kristin Marie Rodriguez. I hold a Masters Degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies, a Bachelors Degree in Commercial Recreation, and I am a Certified Meeting and Event Planner.