Feng Shui, Health, and the Good Luck Fortune Center

The fifth area in the Bagua map is one that everyone should pay attention to … the good luck fortune center of health. This fifth sector gua is one of 3 that is of the earth element on the Bagua map. Earth can be sturdy and strong like a solid rock structure, beautiful and expressive like a pretty shining crystal, or soft and yet grounding as warm sand under your feet. If your 9 star ki astrological sign is 5 earth, you might be very direct giving people much insight. And people do look to you as a leader; they take your advice and may come to you to share their most private secrets. You are most likely a strong natural leader, and have a drive to do what you love to do.  You have a need to speak your truth, and want your voice and message to be heard. Take caution that this doesn’t involve you with too much gossip and drama. You are a successful spirit … and no matter what life throws you, you will bounce back like the solid rock you are.

(Do you want to find out if you are an earth element? Use a 9 star ki calculator.  There are many online you can search for).

Now that we have looked at the characteristics of earth in 9 star ki astrology, let’s dig deeper into this earth center energy space. In BTB Feng Shui, the Bagua Map is used to determine where each sector falls. If you were to stretch a “tic-tac-toe” grid over your space from the front door, the center gua is the very center area of your space. If you are seeking better or supreme health, a happier way of being, and more abundance to come your way, focus on transforming this energy in the center of your home.

  • Color wise, this area is supported by earthy oranges, yellows, golds, and light browns.
  • Keep the center of your home or office very clear and clutter free.
  • Be sure there are no odd or sharp angles in the center of your home. Keep in mind this can be from furniture, wall edges, light fixtures, or other items. If you have pointy objects or sharp edges in this area, consider softening them with plants, paint, crystals, or perhaps replace them.
  • Pay attention to what is in your center. Do you have something draining like a toilet or sink? Perhaps a stove? If so, focus on the positive, and calmly take action to remedy these. In rare cases like this, seek out a Feng Shui practitioner who can help remedy these situations, as it is important that your center flows freely and well.
  • 9 healthy plants will bring vitality and good energy to the center.
  • The number of the good luck fortune area is 5. Use objects  in multiples of 5 to promote vibrant and vital health and well flowing energy.
  • The shape of this area is a square, so use square shaped objects to bring in vibrant chi here.

Have fun, set an intention of health and vitality, and create a clear center for all good to flow into your life.

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