Bring Prosperity and Wealth Into Your World with Feng Shui!

The fourth are in the Bagua is representative of prosperity, abundance, and WEALTH!

The element of this fourth gua is wood. The third gua is also of the wood element, and you would have learned there how the wood element shows up in life. Wood can be sturdy and strong like an oak tree that never waivers in the wind, or a precious, delicate green house plant. If your 9 star ki astrological sign is 4 wood, you are imaginative, persistent, and yet sensitive.  You have a strong vision of all possibilities in the world, and your imagination is grand and runs free! You are happy putting in the work to make your way toward a goal, and may not even know when to slow down. You most likely love to travel and are a very dynamic spirit.

(Do you want to find out if you are a wood element? Use a 9 star ki calculator.  There are many online you can search for).

Now that you know what the wood element stands for in an individual, let’s look at where this 4th area is represented in your home, office, or space. In BTB Feng Shui, the Bagua Map is used to determine this. If you were to stretch a “tic-tac-toe” grid over your space from the front door, the wealth and prosperity area is the top left area of your space. While many people come to me and want to know where this “money corner” is, please remember that this is not only focused on financial resources. Wealth is defined by far greater factors than simply your bank account balance. What makes us truly wealthy and our lives abundant,  is great relationships, the wealth of our health, and really anything that helps to feel absolutely blessed when we wake up in the morning.  Who doesn’t want to better their life and live in a place of light? Everyday I choose an Angel card, and to no surprise when I focused on asking “What brings the most wealth to my life,” this is what I chose today …


Now that you know what intention to set, the following are some ideas of what you can use to enhance this area in your space to up-level and live in a place of absolute abundance.

  • Greens, purples, and golds are the best suited for this area.
  • Flowing water here is good. Consider adding an active fountain, or even a fish bowl with live, gorgeous gold fish.
  • Plants are of the wood element. Therefore, house plants, will enhance this area of your space.  Flowering plants do well here, and the money plant is a popular Feng Shui plant that is well known to lift the energy in this sector.
  • Paper is of the wood element, so this is a great place to store books. Especially those that focus on abundance and the prosperity you wish to create in your life.
  • Wind chimes with 5 flutes are also a wonderful way to uplift the energy.
  • If you write abundance checks, I recommend keeping them in this area of your space.
  • Ensure that any wood elements such as doors, picture frames, furniture, etc, are all in good working order.
  • Since this is the fourth gua, keep things in multiples of four.
  • Rectangles are the shape of the wood element and work excellent here. You can use rectangular picture frames, glass vases, or even an art piece that is rectangular .
  • The direction of the wood element is east. Do something specific to the east area of this gua that is reflective of your intention with health and / or family. You might consider placing 3 books in the east area of this gua.
  • The season of the wood element is Spring. Spring is the beginning of the season cycle.  It is a tie when new branches grow from old wood to produce new leaves, grass begins to push through the snow of the winter, and this wood energy brings about anew.  What a great place to promote Spring! Keep fresh spring flowers* here or a painting of a bright, wonderful spring day filled with nourishing wood elements.

Now that you have some ideas on how to enhance this area, it is also important to know what you should avoid. In the cycle of the 5 elements, fire exhausts wood and metal overcomes or “chops” wood. Given these relationships, avoid placing bright lights in this area. To better understand what this means and how to apply it, read about the 5 Element Theory.

Set intention of flourishing, thriving, and living a wealthy, full, and prosperous life!

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